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Private Investigator License – South Carolina

Private Investigator Licensing – State of South Carolina


ALL OF THE FOLLOWING MUST BE SUBMITTED, OR YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE RETURNED. You may visit our website at to download application forms.

1. LICENSE FEE – $350.00 Annually – must be a cashier’s check, money order, or company check made payable to SLED. All fees are non-refundable and must be in the correct amount, or it will be returned with your application. There is no additional fee for the license holder’s private investigation registration.

2. Application must be completed, signed and notarized.

Two (2) complete sets of fingerprints (cards attached).

One (1) color photograph of applicant taken within the last 3 months.

5. Private Investigation business must submit a Surety Bond for $10,000 in favor of the State of South Carolina. The Surety Company must be authorized to do business in this state. The Bond must state the license holder and company name; principal and surety attorney-in-fact must sign along with two witnesses to each of his/her signatures. Power of Attorney of the Surety Company must be attached.

Submit a statement from the Clerk of Court’s office from the county in which you reside,

stating that there are no outstanding civil judgments against you.

Form PD/PS-9 must be completed. If the company is not incorporated, the individual

who is applying for the license must have a financial interest in the company. If the

business is a corporation and the corporate head does not wish to apply for the license, he

may designate, in writing, a corporate official to complete the application for license.

8. Must complete a Disclosure of Principal(s) Form.

9. Private Investigation license holder qualifications. Must have 3 years experience:

As a private investigator with a licensed private investigative agency.

As an investigator of a law firm, government agency, private corporation, nonprofit organization, or in a capacity that SLED determines has provided the requisite investigative experience.

10. If you are a new applicant and have served in the military, submit a copy of your

DD Form 214.

11. Must submit a copy of a sample contract for SLED’s approval, pursuant to Section


Please allow four to six weeks to process your application.

Ineligibility List

Requirements for a New Private Investigation Business
Requirements for a Renewal Private Investigation Business
Private Investigation Business Application
Private Investigation Employee Application

Incorporation Form (PD/PS-9)
Example of Statutory Bond
Private Investigation Statutory Bond Form

Continuing Education
Chapter 18, Title 40, S.C. Code of Laws
Article 9, Chapter 73, S.C. Code of Regulations (73-400 to 73-422)
Frequently Asked Questions

Disclosure of Principles Form

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