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Private Investigator License – Oregon

Private Investigator Licensing – State of Oregon

Investigator , Private
649: active as of 08/15/2012. Not the license you were searching for?
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Updated: 9/9/2014
Description: Investigators solicit or accept employment to obtain or furnish information about persons, property, crimes, accidents, etc. [Oregon Revised Statutes 703.401(3)] Investigators must be licensed unless they are in an excepted category. [Oregon Revised Statutes 703.411]
Statutes, Rules, Ordinances: OAR 259-061
Duration: Two years from date of license [ORS 703.430(2)]
Fees – application, exam, etc.:  Initial:
$79 for background check and exam;
$550 for license;
payable to DPSST in business check, cashier’s check or money order at the time of application.
[ORS 703.425(2)(a); and OAR 259-061-0010

Renewal: $550
Inactive: $50 [ORS 703.445] Duplicate: $20

Responsible Agency: DPSST – Private Security & Investigator
Fee Exemptions: Return from Active Military Status
Examination Information:
  • Exam Time: Call 503-378-8531 for appointment.
  • Exam Locs: Agency offices, or selected locations statewide.
  • Exam Pass: 86 percent or higher.
  • Exam Repeat: Up to three separate scheduled dates then must wait one year.

None required for renewal.

Continuing Ed Requirements: Private Investigator: 32 hours per licensing period (two years)[ORS 703.447 and OAR 259, Division 61]
Bonding Requirements: $5,000 corporate surety bond (OR errors and omissions insurance; see below)[ORS 703.415(f)]
Insurance Requirements: $5,000 errors and omissions insurance, must show individual licensee (OR corporate surety bond; see above)[ORS 703.415(f)]
Prerequisites: 18 years old; a US citizen.
1,500 hours of verifiable experience performing investigative work or a combination of verifiable experience and up to 500 hours of education substitution.
Application Form: PS-1
Renewals: Private Investigator Renewal Application; Continuing Education Summary Form and Recordkeeping Form; 1 electronic photograph taken within the last 6 months; and fees.
Duplicate: The investigator must state the circumstances of the loss or destruction of the identity card on a PS-23 form; One electronic photograph taken within the last 6 months must be provided; and fees.
Service Links:  Private Investigator Program
 PI Business/Licensee  Database
 PS-1 Application
 PS-23 Change of Information Form
contact Agency Contact Information
Required Documentation: 3 Professional Letters of Reference; 2 Fingerprint Cards with accompanying affidavit sealed in tamperproof bag; 1 electronic photograph taken within the last 6 months; bond or insurance.
If applicable: Corporation Division Information if doing business under a assumed name.
Additional Information: Corporation Division Information (Oregon Business Registration)

Here is a link to the DPSST Private Security webpage where most forms are located. Private investigator licensing and regulatory inquiries can be made directly to the DPSST Private Security/Investigators Licnesing Progam office at 503 378-8531.

New Applicants should contact the department for a complete application packet.

Provisions are available for Temporary or Interim Licenses. Please contact the department for forms and information.

Agency Information
Please refer to the Agency Website for further details and additional information.
Agency Name: DPSST – Private Security & Investigator
E-mail Address:
Phone: 503-378-2427
Mail Address: DPSST – Private Security & Investigator
4190 Aumsville Hwy SE
Salem, OR 97301
Website Information:

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