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Private Investigator License – New Mexico

Private Investigator Licensing – State of New Mexico

Private Investigation: Overview

The Private Investigations Advisory Board licenses and oversees private investigators, private investigations managers, private investigation companies, private patrol operators, private patrol operations managers, private security guards and polygraph examiners.

The Board is an advisory Board, which adopts and enforces the rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of the Private Investigations Act, including establishing professional and ethical standards.

Please Note:  If you are inquiring about SECURITY GUARDS, please contact the Private Investigations Advisory Board and NOT the Securities Division.  Thank you.

For more information contact:

New Mexico Private Investigations Board
2550 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505
PO Box 25101, Santa Fe, NM 87504
(505) 476-4650
(505) 476-4615 Fax
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective November 5, 2013 The Department of Public Safety will no longer accept ink fingerprints for background purposes and all fingerprint cards received after the date will be returned.

The New Mexico Department of Public Safety has entered into a contract with 3M Cogent, to accept and process all applicant fingerprints.  CogentID will have up to 49 Livescan sites throughout the state to process fingerprinting of applicants.  This will require a change in the way the applicants submit their fingerprints.

The applicant will be required to follow the following process:

  • Applicants may complete their fingerprinting at any 3M Cogent fingerprint location in the state of NM (map of locations enclosed). Appointments are not required.
  • Both new and renewing applicants will need to register at  prior to going to an electronic fingerprinting location.
  • When the applicant arrives at the electronic fingerprinting location, they will need to provide the electronic fingerprinting technician with a registration number they received after registering online.
  • The fee remains at $44.00, which can be paid at the time of registration by credit card or at the fingerprinting site by cashier’s check/money order.
  • Background check results will be sent directly to the Board office electronically.

Please use the following ORI # NM920250Z when registering, if the wrong ORI # is selected the applicant will have to re submit the registration and fee.

Fingerprint Location Map

Attention:  A Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) licensed in New Mexico and acting within the scope of his or her professional practice and in accordance with the 1999 Public Accountancy Act, and the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to said Act, does not need to obtain dual licensure as a Private Investigator.



Private Investigations: Requirements and Continuing Education

On the last day of your birth month, your license will expire. In order to renew you will be required to meet the following:

  • Completed renewal application form provided by the Board office (also available on board’s website under “forms”) and applicable renewal fee. The renewal applications will be sent from the Board office 60 days before expiration.
  • Proof of required continuing education credits in the form of a certificate, training form, company stationary with letterhead or college transcript. Number of continuing education hours is determined by an individual license or registration; those requirements can be found in NMAC.
  • All Level 3 Security Guards must submit a copy of their current Firearms Qualification Form. Firearms requalification courses will not count toward mandatory continuing education hours.
  • PPO and Trade Companies must provide a copy of their Surety Bond or General Liability Insurance Policy showing it is in full force and in effect.
  • Completed fingerprint cards, Verification of Fingerprints Form, and $44 background fee payable and mailed to the Department of Public Safety, Fingerprint Section, P.O. Box 1628, Santa Fe, NM 87504-1628
Pursuant to NMAC, “renewal notices will be mailed to the last known address on file with the board. It is the responsibility of the licensee and registrant to keep the board informed of any changes in address and phone numbers. Failure to receive the renewal application shall not relieve the licensee or registrant of the responsibility of renewing their license before the expiration date”. Address changes must be submitted in writing to the Board office by U.S. Mail, fax, and email or online (click here for form).
Mailing address: Private Investigations Advisory Board, P.O. Box 25101, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Fax Number: (505) 476-4615
On-line: link listed at top of page or by entering:
Licensees or registrants failing to submit a renewal application and the required documentation on or before the expiration date will be considered expired and must refrain from practicing.
Pursuant to H. NMAC, Approved sources for continuing education are:
  1. college level courses;
  2. in-house training provided by a private patrol company licensed by the department;
  3. the New Mexico law enforcement academy; or
  4. any other department-approved educational institution


All security guard training courses must be Board approved.  Please (click here) for a list of all Board approved training courses and instructors (including Firearms).

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