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Private Investigator License – Minnesota

Private Investigator Licensing – State of Minnesota


The mission of the Private Detective and Protective Agent Services Board is to ensure investigative and security service practitioners meet statutory qualifications and training for licensure, and maintain standards set forth in Minnesota Statutes and Administrative Rules.

The Board is a five-member panel, comprised of one licensed private detective, one licensed protective agent, one law enforcement representative, and two public members. The Board oversees more than 300 investigative and security license holders. Growth of these services can be seen in the increase in new licensees, along with the reissuance of well over 100 licenses annually.

The increased use and visibility of these services contribute to the safety and protection of people and property. The Board monitors, educates and disciplines license holders, using its authority to ensure statute; rules and standards are being met. The Board identifies concerns regarding the changes in government public safety efforts and these privately provided services.


Please read the summary of licensing requirements; click “Application Requirements/Procedures” below.  Also read the Minnesota Statutes and Rules available in the box to the left.

Application forms are not available on this site.  To request an application packet, send a $25 check or money order (payable to the Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services).  Be sure to state the type of application you are requesting (Private Detective or Protective Agent), and level (individual, partnership, or corporate/LLC).

Application Requirements/Procedures

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