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Private Investigator License Alabama

Private Investigator License Alabama

In Alabama, like all other states, there is a constant need for private investigators.  Currently, the state of Alabama does not require individuals who wish to perform investigative work in the state to have a private investigator license.  However, in June of 2013 Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed a law requiring private investigators to be licensed in the state of Alabama.  The state took comments on their proposed licensure process and rules through December 31, 2013.  The initial license period for the state of Alabama was reportedly set to begin on February 1, 2014.  The Alabama Private Investigators Association pushed for the regulations to help make the private investigator profession more ethical and professional in the state of Alabama.

Some individual communities within the state of Alabama required private investigators to register locally when the state did not require a license.  The cities of Mobile, Alabama, and Birmingham, Alabama, both traditionally required private investigators to be registered with the city in order to conduct work within the city limits.  The cities do not specifically issue a private investigator license, however they do have ordinances in place to regulate the work of private investigators in the respective cities.  These requirements may change now that the state is adopting a private investigator license.

The key to being a successful private investigator in a state like Alabama is to always strive to provide the absolute best services possible.  Clients looking to hire a private investigator in Alabama will have plenty of choices when it comes to making a hiring decision.  Many private investigators in Alabama offer very low hourly rates for their services because they are seeking to undercut the competition.  At the end of the day, the quality of the work product provided will always win.  Clients who hire a private investigator in Alabama have a specific need.  They need a private investigator that can obtain the information they need to move their case forward and clients will always be willing to pay more to ensure they are working with a competent private investigator that can produce results.

Private investigator training is also a key factor to ensure a private investigator in Alabama can be successful.  Less experienced or unscrupulous private investigators will have little training to show potential clients they are committed to the profession.  Private investigators who take the time to obtain certifications like becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner, show they are committed to improving their skills.  Attending conferences and seminars like the Reid Technique and others, not only give you the tools to become a better private investigator, but they also show clients you are a true professional.

The state of Alabama has a solid mix of rural and urban areas, which provides for a wide range opportunities for private investigators.  Surveillance is always needed to verify workers compensation claims, insurance fraud or even in domestic cases.  Large corporations like Monsanto and other often hire private investigators in rural areas during the harvest season to conduct surveillance on farmers to ensure they don’t store hybrid seeds, for example.

The Federal government is among the largest employers in Alabama thanks to the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville and Maxwell Air Force Base.  State government and universities in Alabama are also public institutions which provide private investigators the opportunity to bid on work as government contractors and vendors.  The state also has a thriving manufacturing sector, including mining.  Manufacturers often hire private investigators to help with background checks, surveillance for employee-related issues and security assessments.

All in all, the state of Alabama is a great place to launch a career as a private investigator.  While the requirement to have a private investigator license in Alabama is brand new and still being worked out, certifications and private investigator training will lead to long-term success.  And like anything else, a commitment to customer services and delivering an exceptional work product will lead to client retention and increased sales for private investigators in Alabama.

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